Provided by San Diego Catering (Monday-Friday), parents have the option of selecting a daily hot lunch menu item for their child. An order form (one per student) is to be completed on a monthly basis with payment accompanying the form. This form will usually be due between the 15th and the 20th of each month. The price for the basic menu selection is $4.00 (main entrée or salad, milk/water and dessert). On Fridays students have an option of ordering milk/water or soda (provided by the ASC). Checks are to be made payable to San Diego Catering. Ice cream will be available on a daily basis at a cost of 50 cents.

Daily Lunch Schedule - 15-Minute Increments

11:45 am – 12:00 pm

Play Time: Grades K - 3

Lunch Time: Grades 4 - 8

12:00 pm – 12:15 pm

Play Time: Grades 4 - 8

Lunch Time: Grades K - 3

Parents of students in Grades K-3 who feel that their child needs more than fifteen (15) minutes to eat lunch are to notify the office in writing. Additional eating time will be allotted for these students.

Lunch Periods

Students are to eat lunch on the school grounds unless the parent notifies the office of other arrangements in writing. Parents bringing lunches to school for a student must bring them to the school office and not to the individual classrooms or to students at the lunch tables at the beginning of the lunch period. All lunches are to be marked with the student’s name. Parents are strongly encouraged not to bring lunches from “fast food” establishments. Parents are not to sit with students during lunch. Please refrain from excessive off-campus lunch dates with your children. (1-2 times per month is acceptable.) Lunch time is from 11:45 am to 12:15 pm. Returning to school from lunch after the 30 minutes allowed will be considered and unexcused absence/tardy. Students are to be courteous and obedient to the supervisors of the lunch rooms/area. No food, beverage, or gum is permitted in the classroom or lavatories. Glass containers are not allowed on campus at anytime. Grades K-3 will play first, then eat lunch, while Grades 4-8 will eat first, then play. Parents of students in Grades K-3 must notify the school office in writing if they feel their student needs more than the scheduled fifteen minutes for lunch. Upon written notification, additional time will be given to the student. When the bell rings for the end of recess and lunch, a mandatory “freeze” period (30 seconds) occurs before students proceed quietly to their classrooms.

Lunch Rules

1. Lunch is always eaten on the school grounds unless the parent notifies the office in writing of other arrangements.

2. The lunch area is located in rooms 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the old school.

3. Students are to be courteous and obedient to the supervisors of the lunch area.

4. Food and beverages are never permitted in the classrooms.

5. Glass containers are not permitted.

6. Parents bringing lunches to school must drop them off in the school office by 11:30 am.

7. Parents, unless volunteering for lunch duty, are requested not to sit with their students at the lunch tables.