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This program rehearses once a week in school. Please review the dates for practices.

Monthly Practice Frequency:

Please note: Schedule may change depending on the number of kids sign up.

Academic Grades: grades must be C+ or higher every quarter. If they don't meet the progress report grade, they will be suspended from practices and performances until they raise their grades up.

Requirements: You must be able to play at an intermedite level on guitar, ukulele, percussion, drums, piano, violins or cello

Conduct Requirement: You must be able to listen at all times. Respect is very important in this group. We will enforce a three strike rule.

Main Attire for School Mass: Gray music club shirt and navy blue pants or school dress

Performance Opportunities:
Note: All members must bring their instruments (ukulele, guitar & cajon) for these performances.

Parents interested in helping our students learn their instruments, I will teach you
Contact: Mr. Joseph Advento (music@strosecv.com)


Chord Charts: Ukulele | Guitar | Bass guitar | Piano


Thursday Assembly: Must know how to play these songs: God Bless America (F, Bb, C) and SLES (G, D, C)

For Lent (duing our prayer): Lay it Down (C, Am, F, G) and Mighty to Save (C, G, Em, D)


Music you need to learn for School Mass:

For the first School Mass, just learn Forever, One Bread One Body & Just Like You

Note: Make sure you have your music sheet before you play with the video.

Forever: Music Sheet | Video (play along)

Alleluia (Mass of the Joyful Heart): Music Sheet | Video (play along)

Holy Holy (Mass of the Joyful Heart): Music Sheet | Video (play along)

When we eat this bread (Mass of the Joyful Heart): Music Sheet | Video (play along)

Amen (Mass of the Joyful Heart): Music Sheet | Video (play along)

One Bread One Body : Music Sheet | Video (play along)

Just like you: Music Sheet | Video (play along)