August 2017

Dear Parents, Faculty, and Staff of St. Rose of Lima School:

Dear Parents, Faculty, and Staff of St. Rose of Lima School: It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you and your family back to school for what will certainly be a promising 2017-18 academic year. Last year and over the summer, the Parent Teacher Group (“PTG”) Board planned a full year of rewarding activities. On behalf of the Board, we welcome your participation in as many of these activities as possible.

New school parents frequently ask, “What is the PTG?” The PTG is all of us. It’s the unified St. Rose community of parents, faculty, and staff who work together to support our students, our school, and our Catholic, faith-based educational mission. I hope you’ll take a few moments to read the enclosed PTG Handbook. It provides a brief outline of the PTG events, our fundraisers, and various ways you, as a member of the PTG, can contribute your time and talent to help further our mission of support.

The PTG community supports the St. Rose of Lima School in two primary ways: through our generous fundraising and through our contributed volunteer services. In 2016-17, the PTG raised $60,000 in funds to support the school’s academic initiatives, social programs, and equipment needs. There are three major fundraisers planned for the 2017-18 academic year, and there are a variety of ways in which a parent can contribute their services. As with all private schools, St. Rose depends heavily on the fundraising efforts and volunteer time of parents. If you have not already done so, please join our motivated team of parents and plan to volunteer for one or more of our fundraisers or events. An updated list of volunteer opportunities is included in this PTG Handbook.

We also request that you plan to attend all three PTG General Meetings this year. By attending all three meetings, you’ll stay informed of matters affecting the school, and you’ll earn four contributed service points. A schedule of the 2017-18 General Meetings is included in this PTG Handbook. The level of support offered by the St. Rose of Lima School PTG community is among the best of the Diocese of San Diego. Our combined efforts truly compliment the academic programs at St. Rose, and in turn provide a well-rounded environment of learning for our children. As always, thank you in advance for your generous participation in helping the PTG achieve our shared objectives. Your elected PTG Board is ready and eager to serve you. Please call any of us should you have questions.


Glenda Kikunaga
PTG President


President                                             Mrs. Glenda Kikunaga
1st Vice President                                Mrs. Erin Huls
                                                            Mrs. Martha Orozco
2nd Vice President                               Mrs. Amy LaFalce
                                                            Mrs. Martha Romero
Recording Secretary                            Mrs. Rachel Gonzalez
Corresponding Secretary                     Mrs. Marlith Austin
Treasurer                                             Mrs. Magdalena Laffaye
Christian Action Coordinator              Mrs. Marissa Arellano
                                                            Mrs. Heather Michel
Board Member                                    Mr.  Oscar Casillas
                                                            Mrs. Carla Salvatierra
                                                            Mrs. Elizabeth Reyes
                                                            Mrs. Allyn Dawson
                                                            Mr.   Cesar Gonzalez


Pastor                                                  Father Luke Jauregui
Principal                                              Mr. Jeff Saavedra
P.T.G. President                                  Mrs. Glenda Kikunaga
Religious Education Director              Sr. Patricia Weldon
                                                            Mr. Trace Polanco, Chairperson
                                                            Mr. Sergio Oliveros, Vice-Chairperson
                                                            Mrs. Ina Campos, Secretary
                                                            Mr. Edwin Cespedes, General Board Member
            Mr. Sandro Piancone, General Board Member